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Verkocht - Verstelbare PT100 kantverlijmingskop 100mm

Artikelcode:  MLRKVLK100MM
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Gebruikte verstelbare PT100 kantverlijmingskop 100mm voor het verlijmen van kantenband op platen.

Application fields

Decorative edgebanding is an automatic process for board finishing where it is covered board edges -one or two paralel sides- with bands (strips) or profi les of melamine, PVC or wooden veneer on chipboards or MDF. The process can be done in automatic machines where previously the edge is polished -to assure its uniformity-, the adhesive is applied to the board edge -EVA or PUR type- and then the surplus is removed mechanizing it in straight or bevel form according to band width. There are also small machines to edgebanding kitchen furniture doors or room clothes-press with fi nishing in four edges. There are multiple types of fi nishing with a great range of width -up to 100mm- and thickness -normally up to 3mm-. Adjustable edge banding slot guns substitute traditional glue rollers for edge banding gluing. Its design allows to work with the most common adhesives, E.V.A., polyolefi ne or P.U.R. in a wide range of viscosities and variable application width up to 60 or 100 mm in standard models due to its high fl exibility and cleaness. The gun provides an accurate and uniform application in all edge surface. Selectable direction of application Using the same gun parts you can easily select the direction of the application (right or left) to apply on both sides of the board simultaneously.


The gun-brackets assembly has a three dimensions adjustment X-Y-Z in a quick mode to guarantee a perfect contact between gun and the panel edge. It also gives a simple contact force regulation in installation and start up tasks. Adjustments Application width adjustment is made handly by turning a hand wheel with a scale for precise readout of the coating width. That system permits an easy selection of the coating width, making the changes fast and repeatible for short working series of different panel thickness.


Max. working temperature 200ºC (392°F)
Max. hydraulic pressure 90 bar (1.305 psi)
Max. application width up to 60 or 100 mm (standard)
Temperature sensors RTD ±0,5ºC (Pt100)
Electrical power supply 230 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Heating power 350 W
Max. pneumatic pressure 6 bar
Control voltage 24 VDC