UES Powerfill - hot melt granulate feeding system

Universal hot melt granulate feeding system for automatic filling of hot melt units.

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Powerfill Automatic Granulate Feeder

Idle time due to forgetting to top upglue?
Contamination of glue and tank system due to opening the device?
Machine contamination due to overfill?
Our automatic granulate feeder solves these problems!
The automatic granules feeder „PowerFill“ replaces the tank lid of the hotmelt system. Once the level sensor
detects a lack of material the feeder switches on. The lance absorbs the granules from the storage container.
In doing so, an integrated vibrator looses potential clumping. The feeder switches of as soon as the specified
filling level is reached.
The system can be installed on any of the usual glue applicators.


Technical Data
 Feed performance  3,5-5 kg/min
 Feed distance  up to 3m vertical
   up to 15m horizontal
 Air connection  6 - 10 bar
 Air consumption  50 - 60 l/kg
 Air consumption  at 8 bar: 360 l/min


PowerFill mounted to a
Compact SE hotmelt system


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