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Preo Hot melt unit Easy Touch W20

Product SKU:  PHUETW20
20 kg tank content hot melt unit equiped with a gear pump.
Available with 2, 4, 6, or 8 hose connections.

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Preo Easy W20

20 kg tank content hot melt unit with gear pump.
Preo Easy Touch serie W20.

The new EASY Touch Series applicators for hot-melt adhesives are the top innovation on the international market for their simplicity of use, production flexibility, maintenance costs, quick installation, ease of safety standards, exceptional reliability and full integration with any packaging line, granting the maximum operational flexibility. The new microprocessor controls all those operations necessary to the system proper running: thermo-regulation in all different system areas, programming control of 8 glue tracks for each of the 8 independent channels. Additional features are: Economy Function, Clock, Weekly Program, Max. temperature alarm, Sequential Heating of all channels and delay Temperature Set Point lock.

Gear Pump
The applicators are fitted with variable speed AC motors controlled by an inverter positioned horizontally to obtain reduced overall dimensions and easy access both for inspection and maintenance, thanks to a quick connector and an easy to open body system. Gear pumps of different capacities (0,8 - 3,0 - 7,0 - 10 and 20 cc/rev) are available with the same dimensions. These pumps are absolute precise and reliable, made of fully hardened super-quick steel. Like all internal parts of the applicator, the pump is also easy to remove in case of maintenance or replacement.

Pressure control device
A sophisticated control system shows the adhesive output pressure on the applicator display. This view can be combined with a traditional digital pressure gauge that shows the pressure of the adhesive in bars.

Quick Pressure Release and Regulation Valve
Maintains the pressure at the amount set, and ensures the utmost safety during system use. Adhesive pressure is released into the system automatically and safely, also in the event of an emergency.

Optional equipment:
• Low level controller.
• Twister Automatic glue or resin filling systeem.
• Integrated glue patern controller.
• 0.8, 10, or 20 cc gear pump

Technical data

Tank content : 20 kg
Melting power : 21 kg/h (1)
Pump rate : 14 kg/h with 3cc and 33 kg/h with 7cc pump at 80 rpm
Gear pumps : 3cc or 7cc per revolution
Operation temperature : 50 - 210°C / 120 - 410°F (2)
Viscosity : till 70.000 Cps
Hose connections : 2 or 4
Motor specs : 0.25 Kw 1:20 ratio with frequency controller
Electrical power : 4,4 kW (20 A)
Electrical connection : 1/N/PE AC 230V 50/60 Hz, 3/N/PE AC 400V 50/60 Hz (±10%)
Dimensions : 733 x 821 x 450 mm
Weight : 98 kg

(1) Depending on the glue in use.
(2) Also available in high temperature version: 50 - 230°C / 120 - 450°F


 gear pump motor
Motor with variable revs, operated by a frequency controller

preo tankdeksel
Wide tank enclosure with removable lid

touch screen 
Easy operative controle panel
with Touchscreen