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Intad M-Gear JR5 hot melt unit with 4.8m hose and hand gun swirl

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Intad M-Gear JR5 gear pump driven hot melt unit, with 4.8m hose and handgun swirl.
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Intad M-Gear JR5 hot melt unit

4.5 kg tank content hot melt unit with gear pump, for manual applications.

Set with 4.8 meter hose and handgun swirl.

The new Intad M-Gear hot melt unit series with touch screen operation is very innovative for their simplicity of use, production flexibility, maintenance costs, quick installation, ease of safety standards, and exceptional reliability.A Gear pump unit has as big advantage that it doesn’t need any air (compressor) to function and can be used with large flexibility. With exception of air needed for its swirl application. The bead version is however fully plug and play. Another advantage of a gear pump hot melt unit, is that it has no fluctuations in its pattern and gluing can be done very accurately. The variable revolutions 6cc gear pump with a pump rate of 29 kg per hour* is properly sized and can handle a various amount of applications. The unit and hand guns of this set are equipped with a wireless system for the pump activation. The pump will be activated when triggering the hand gun, which influences the lifespan on running parts in a positive way. The display will show a notification when the batteries are getting empty and need replacement, so they will never run empty unexpectedly. M-gear units are available in two different versions; a version for bead applications and a version for swirl (circular pattern) applications. Next to this the unit can be extended with for example a chart on wheels, with hose support and gun deposit bracket. Additional features are: Economy (stand-by) Function, Clock, Weekly Program, Max. temperature alarm, Sequential Heating of all channels and delay Temperature Set Point lock.

Technical data

Tank content : 4.5 kg
Melting power : 6 kg/h *
Pump rate : 29 kg/h *
Gear pump : 6 cc (80 revs a minute)
Operation Temperature : 50 - 210°C / 120 - 410°F (2)
Viscosity : till 70.000 Cps
Temperature sensor : PT100
Hose connections : 2
Electrical power : 2.2kW (10 A) (without hoses and guns)
Electrical connection : 1/N/PE AC 230V 50/60 Hz, 3/N/PE AC 400V 50/60 Hz (±10%)
Dimensions : 550 x 615 x 416 mm
Weight : 45 kg

* Depending on glue in use.


  handgun support Additionele handpistool holster 

 m gear tank lid
Ruime tank opening

  Intad m gear hotmelt unit touch screen display 
Eenvoudig bedienbaar controle paneel
d.m.v. touch screen