1) Do you also install the bought parts?

In case you don't have a technical department yourselves, we can install the bought parts for you.
For more information regarding this option, please contact us.
Please note; We only do installations in Belgium and Holland.

2) Which are the cautions we have to take in consideration, in case we want to do the installation of the parts ourselves?

- Leave the installation only to technical qualified persons, who know what they are doing and are familiar with the risks.

- Take especially when the hot melt equipment is in heated condition safety measures, like; wearing gloves, working outfit and safety spectacles.

- Assure yourself before installation that the system is absolutely pressure free. Switch off the equipment and also take care that the controllers of the solenoids are switched off. On several systems it is usual that in despite it's switched off, build up pressure still remains in the system. Activate to check there is no pressure left, the solenoids by hand.

- To take the riscs to a minimum and avoid molten glue in the air channels, mostly it's better to change the parts when the equipment is not at operating temperature. The most easiest way is to use an electric paint burner with which you can simply only heat up the parts you want to renew. Important however is that you move the hoses as less as possible when they are not heated up. In case you are working with an hotmelt which is in solid condition very hard, the possibility exists that if you bent the cold hose, the innercore will break and the hose will leak aftwerwards. 

Note: This explanation is only ment as a faq and no rights can be taken out of it. If there's any doubt, please leave the installation to specialized technicals.