Intad m gear JR5 hotmelt unit introduction
With proud we present this unit, launched under our own label. The Intad M-Gear JR5 hot melt unit, is especially designed and produced for manual applications.

The M-Gear is available in two versions; a bead and a swirl version. The Gear Pump with which this unit is equipped, has a capacity of 29 kg per hour (depending on the glue in use). This is largely sized compared to many other gear pump units for manual applications, which makes it suitable for use at a large variety of applications. A Gear pump unit has as big advantage that it doesn’t need any air (compressor) to function and can be used with large flexibility. With exception of air needed for its swirl application. The bead version is however fully plug and play. Another advantage of a gear pump hot melt unit, is that it has no fluctuations in its pattern and gluing can be done very accurately. Another big advantage is that the gear pump has a variable revolutions setting. This provides more accuracy and operation comfort, compared to units only supplied with a variable over pressure. Operation of this unit takes place by the means of a touch screen display, at which mainly icons are used, so there will be barely any language problems, working with this system. The hand guns delivered with this series, are equipped with a wireless transmitter, which will activate the pump when the trigger is pulled. The advantage of this is that the pump will only run when glue is applied, which will influence lifespan in a positive way. The display itself sends a notification when the battery in the hand gun starts to run empty, so they will never run empty unexpectedly. You can extend the standard version with several option, like a chart on wheels, with hose support and gun deposit bracket. If you have any questions about this system, don’t hesitate to contact us.