New in our hot melt assortiment is the Intadmelt VLB-3. A high grade universal packaging hot melt with an ideal balance between price and quality.

Intadmelt VLB-3 - A high grade universal packaging hot melt
Intadmelt VLB-3 is developed for fast running packaging machines. Pricing from € 2,95 per kg free delivered*, for orders with a minimum of 1.000 kg.

Colour / Shape : Light yellow / Pearls 
Softening point (R&B) : ca. 110°C 
Application temperature : 170 - 190°C
Viscosity @ 170°C : ca. 1.950 m.Pas
Open time: Medium
Setting time: Fast

* Only for addresses within Holland or Belgium, for other countries we will have to charge an additional fee to cover the higher transport costs.