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On our website you are at the right address for hotmelt glues, hot melt equipment, glue guns and other related products like; Nordson compatible spare parts, nozzles, modules, solenoid valves, hoses etc. 
Because of our long experience in the adhesives market and hot melt equipment, we can advise you in case you have any question or inquiry. 

This website is mainly intended for on line selling of standard hotmelt types, hot melt equipment and spareparts. 

However we can also supply you hotmelt in bulk against atrractive prices and  quote you for complete hot melt installations



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The hotmelt company is part of the Intad Belgium group. 

New website The Hotmelt Company

Dear customer,

You might have noticed, that The Hotmelt Company has gone through some changes. This is not only layout wise, but also in the area of website and server software. Because of  the big differences, we have chosen not to use data of the old website database on the new website. This implies however also; that there is no old customer data present and in case you want to order, you'll need to register as a new customer. We ask for your understanding and wish you a pleasant shopping experience on our new website.

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